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    Kokomlemle, Accra-Ghana

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    Accra - North, Ghana

Background Information

About GNPA Limited

GNPA Limited is a commodity trading business that engages in both the sourcing and sale of commodities. The company has been in existence for over three decades trading in key commodities such as sugar, rice, edible oil and non-traditional exports (cashew nuts, shea nuts, etc.) on the domestic and export markets. The company is located at Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana.

GNPA Limited was initially set up as Ghana National Procurement Agency (G.N.P.A) in 1976 by SMCD. Its primary purpose then was to import some selected consumer products in large quantities for sale to the Ghanaian population at “affordable prices”. It was, also, to serve as the procurer for government departments and agencies and to hold buffer stocks for national food security. In 1998, the Ghana National Procurement Agency was transformed into a limited liability company, GNPA Limited, with the state as the sole shareholder.

The transformation from a procurement agency to a limited liability company was to enable the business operate independently in the open market and to build its competitiveness and sustainability in the liberalized economic environment that had emerged in the country. At the same time, to ensure the continued relevance of the business, GNPA Limited was expected to continue to contribute towards the achievement of some national socio-economic objectives. The company’s scope of operations was, therefore, expanded to include:

  • The Establishment and Operation of an Export Trade House;
  • The supply of agricultural inputs to local industry, particularly in the agro-processing sector;
  • Marketing products of factories that were to be established in the then existing 138 districts in Ghana, both locally and abroad under a programme known as the District Industrialisation Programme (DIP);
  • The establishment of buffer stocks for selected commodities to ensure all-year-round availability at affordable prices.

Our Objectives

The objects of GNPA under its expanded scope of operations are:

  • To use its expertise in prudent procurement to become the pivotal point for providing a wide range of selected goods of strategic National importance for the domestic market.
  • To assist in the development and promotion of local production base for selected non-traditional export, and export selected non-traditional products to designated markets.
  • To re-establish its standing as a credible partner and operator in Ghana’s commodity trade and to develop new partnerships and other relationships.


To be recognized as the leading player in Ghana’s commodity trade, improving livelihoods and transforming lives through trade.


To use trade as an instrument to contribute to the achievement of national socio-economic development objectives including, in particular, poverty reduction.