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GNPA Limited is a limited liability company with 100% equity stake by government of Ghana.

The company was established initially as Ghana National Procurement Agency (G.N.P.A) in 1976 by SMCD 55 and was incorporated under the companies code in 1995.

The primary aim of the organization initially was to import “ essential commodities” in large quantities for sale to Ghanaian consumers at affordable prices, procure goods for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and to hold buffer stock for National Food Security.

However, on incorporation as Limited Liability Company new roles are being performed by the company in addition to the traditional roles.

Under the Industrial Reform and Accelerated Growth Programme initiative by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and President’s Special Initiative, GNPA Limited is to focus on the supply of agricultural raw material inputs to local industries under the Rural Enterprises Development Programme, particularly in the area of agro-processing, and to undertake bulk purchases of designated commodities for sale to the local and export markets.

The new role also includes establishment of Export Trade Houses (ETH) to specialize in export market where Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can enter the international market thereby focusing on production only.


To become the leading Export Trade House and the major instrument for the promotion of made in Ghana goods.


Our mission is to specialize in the procurement and marketing of wide range of good and services locally and abroad in support of government and private sector efforts, through sound commercial practices with the aim of maximizing returns on stake holder's funds, within the parameters of socially, legally and ethically acceptable norms of trade.

We will do this through our continuous committment to maximum customer satisfaction, employee development and maintenance of the highest level of professionalism in our operations to ensure adequate returns on capital employed.


  • To become the leading Export Trade House in West Africa.
  • To assist in the development and promotion of local production base for its exports.
  • To become a major instrument for promoting made-in-Ghana goods.
  • To become the primary institution to link Agriculture with Industry.
  • To begin a “Food for Schools Programme” aimed at supply of food to institutions throughout the country on a large scale in a formalized tripartite manner.
  • To provide the import needs of our local and international customers within the ECOWAS region at very competitive prices.


GNPA Limited management team consists of experienced and high-calibre personalities trained in high profile institutions world-wide with expertise in procurement, exporting and trading spanning over several years with continuous professional development.

The management is made up of the Chief Executive Officer, Directors and Senior Managers. Management is backed by highly motivated, well-trained and committed workforce.


Operations of the company are structured into the following departments:

Operations (Exports & Imports)
Marketing & Business Development

There are also two service units:




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