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The primary aim of the organization is to import "Essential Commodities” in large quantities for sale to Ghanaian consumers at affordable prices, procure goods for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and to hold buffer stock for National Food Security. GNPA Limited is also mandated to focus on the supply of agricultural raw material inputs to local industries under the Rural Enterprises Development Programme, particularly in the area of agro-processing, and to undertake bulk purchases of designated commodities for sale to the local and export markets.

The Company shall also engage in the establishment of Export Trade Houses (ETH) to specialize in export market where Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can enter the international market thereby focusing on production only.

Purchase of Local food items to stabilize price

Price stabilisation on basic food commodities is key to current government policy of affordable food, in sufficient quantities to all. The philosophy underlying this strategy is to position GNPA Limited to play a key role in the mobilization of smallholder farmers into viable FBO, capable of playing a Key role in the Food Value chain.
GNPA shall work closely with the smallholder farmers to offer marketing services at the rural level, to link them with end-buyers of their produce. Target market are consumers, SMEs in agro-processing, etc.

Distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

One major programme GNPA will pursue vigorously is to procure and distribute selected food commodities such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, to government agencies and other public/private institutions at affordable prices.
Under this project GNPA Limited shall offer an incentive package to identifiable Government institutions such as the Military, Police, Hospitals, Schools and Prisons.The philosophy underpinning this is to use our expertise in procurement to bring about economics of scale in the institutional purchasing.

Export Trade House Operations

Since 1996, GNPA LTD exported various non-traditional products such as cashewnuts, sheanuts, coffee and cocoa powder. In line with government policy of adding value to non-traditional products, GNPA will operationalise the Export Trade House concept by putting in place a system that will link producers of non-traditional export goods with buyers abroad, especially the Americas.
Plans are far advanced to export sheabutter to buyers in China and Russia. Our concentration will be on the Small scale producers of non-traditional exports; including agro-products. GNPA will act as aggregators and eventually export these products to designated markets and also supply local processors of cashew with the Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN).

Strategic Alliances for Local Rice Production

The import bill for rice importation into the country has been assuming alarming proportions and is of great concern to government. GNPA will link-up with other companies operating in the sector in strategic alliances to market the locally produced rice, and also supply logistics to the farmers to increase their output, as an Import substitution strategy.
We shall leverage a current Government policy of promoting made-in Ghana goods to supply local rice to Government institutions.